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We pride ourselves on making things as easy as possible for our clients as they plan their spectial event. We encourage you to contact us directly with any specific questions you may have. At the same time, there are many issues that regularly arise and we expect you may be able to find the answers from the following list more quickly and easily than from contacting us.

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What is your booking process?
After discussing what is desired, particulary the performance location, ensemble required, and other details, we will prepare a proposal for our services including all fees and expenses. Once we have agreed upon terms of the engagement, we require a 50% deposit to hold the date available. This deposit is not refundable.
How much does it cost to book your services?
For a typical wedding ceremony, the full quartet charges a fee of $2,400. This fee is meant be an all-inclusive, full-service cost, and not the starting point for the addition of "extras" and "custom orders". Additional performance options, such as post-ceremony cocktail hours or gatherings will typically be considerably less expensive, as they will not require additional travel, set-up and other preparation. Upon request we will be happy to consult with you to determine your needs and prepare an all-inclusive proposal for your review.
How far from Charlottesville can you perform.
Our standard fee is based on travel up to twenty-five miles from Charlottesville's Downtown Mall area. Travel beyond that distance may incur an additional fee, which will be separately stated in our contract proposal. Such arrangements are usually quite straightforward; however, please let us know as far in advance as possible if it is anticipated a performance might require travel other than by automobile, overnight stays, or other unusual arrangements, and we will be happy to discuss accomodation of such requests.
How can I reserve a group for my event?
The first step is to fill out the information on the Contact page so we can determine if the Quartet (or other group) is available on the day of your event. We will reply to your inquiry with our availability and give you a price quote based on the length of performance time requested. Once availability is verified, you may call or send a reply stating you would like to reserve the group for your event. At that time, we will put a hold on your date and send you a contract. To finalize the reservation, return a signed copy of the contract with your deposit. The deposit can be made by check, or with a credit card.
Who will be performing at my event?

Absent injury or illness, the musicians will be the full-time members of An Array of Strings. It is an all-too-common practice for agents to obtain playing engagements for weddings, receptions, or other events and then pass them on to musicians who will play them, after taking a substantial percentage of the fee for their efforts. Hopefully the actual performing musicians will be skilled and have experience playing together, but that is not always the case.

An Array of Strings is a group that plays together frequently, that performs under its name, and when you hire us, you can be certain who it is that will show up to perform.

At the same time, accidents and illnesses happen, and we certainly would not wish to have a sick performer show up and infect all your guests! We have relationships with other musicians in the community and will make sure that if necessary, we will be able to provide a professional quality substitute to perform with us for your event.

Can you perform at an outdoor function?
While we enjoy performing outdoors and are equiped to handle normal breezes, we suggest that one keep in mind the region's fickle climate. In particular, our instruments must not be exposed to extreme temperatures, direct sunlight, or precipitation. We require contingency plans be made and communicated in advance of the event in case of inclement weather.
Do you use a sound system when you perform? Can it be used by other performers or by an announcer?

The short answer is no, we do not provide a PA system for our performances. That said, we do provide our own spot amplification if needed, typically for the classical guitar. In addition, if amplification is necessary, we will run each instrument through its own DPA 4099 CORE microphone and into a professional quality mixer board, so that a sound professional will have the highest possible quality input to work with.

It should be noted that providing sound for events is a task that requires skill and experience, and we would not presume to have that expertise any more that we would know how to bake the cake or design the wedding dress. If the size and nature of your event is such that it will likely require the services of an audio professional, feel free to let us know and we will be happy to suggest ones that we have enjoyed working with in the past, or to coordinate with them to make sure everything runs smoothly.

The Performance
We have a vocalist/instrumentalist performing at our event. Can you accompany them?
We welcome the opportunity to collaborate with other musicians when practicable. If you wish to provide a soloist, please let us know as early as possible so that we can determine rehearsal requirements, musical arrangements, and set up. In addition, we can make recommendations for other respected instrumentalists if you have a particular desire (such as trumpet, flute, oboe) or vocalists. Simply let us know any details or ask for more information.
What's the deal with the viola?
Those who look closely might notice that our violist, Jordan, is playing an instrument that looks a bit different from a traditional viola. In fact, it is made almost entirely of carbon fiber, which renders it not only resonant but quite hardy as well. It was made by Luis & Clark, which began making high-quality carbon-fiber instruments in 2000. Its inventor, Luis Leguia, a longtime member of the cello section of the Boston Symphony and avid sailor, was inspired by the resonance of his sailboat to work with Steve Clark, a specialist in carbon fiber manufacture, to come up with a new paradigm for string instrument creation. The instruments have rapidly grown in popularity, especially among those who must play in conditions too harsh for a traditional instrument, including such well-known performers as Yo-Yo Ma and Zuill Bailey.
An Array Of Strings
Where did An Array of Strings get its name?
The group came originally came together as a collection of employees at WillowTree, a Charlottesville company specializing in the development of digital products such as iPhone apps. The name is a play on the computer science concepts of an "array", meaning a group or list of some type of objects, and "strings," meaning a collection of letters or similar characters. Fortunately, it also describes the group particularly well, as we perform in a number of configurations including both bowed strings and the guitar.
Who made the recordings on this web site?
All performances on this site, whether audio or video, are those of the members of An Array of Strings, and all performances are being produced and recorded by members of the group. Performances of the quartet currently up on the website feature our violinist, Emily, playing both the first and second violing parts; this will be updated when we have added a permanent fourth member to the group.
Is An Array of Strings LGBQTA friendly?
Absolutely. We would be honored to be part of any wedding or other event celebrating the love and commitment of any two people.